Timeline healing is a unique and powerful healing process.

Are you ready to receive support and do the work?

find the source

One may spend a lifetime trying to uncover, detangle, and reprogram a single limiting pattern, belief, or ancestral karma.

Deep timeline healing can help you release these old patterns, ideals, and karmic ties.

clear the path

Let go of what is NOT yours

Doing this work will allow you to:

Disconnect from the issues that were never yours

Join your soul to its unique divine timeline

Heal your SELF, ancestors of the past, and kin of the future


ARe you here to be of spiritual service to humanity?

A cycle breaker? meant to clear ancestral trauma -

this program is for those committed to this impactful work

timeline healing is a sacred key to living in alignment with intention for this lifetime.

Are you ready to open the door?

The program

During this 8-week program, Jamie and Julia will personally guide you through Deep Timeline healing with nurturing compassion anchored with high vibrational wisdom and knowledge.  

This is done within a sacred chamber created in partnership with healing guides, divine connections, and in cooperation with your Higher Self and a team in Spirit.

We create a soothing space for this deep work, while delivering the messages you need to hear.

Over the course of the program, you will receive:

Energetic Healing and Attunements

Receive the energetic support you need to detach from stories and identities that no longer serve you.

Divine Blueprint and Quantum Field Activations

Come to a full understanding of the true you, and stop trying to fill in the blanks with false identities.

Karmic healing

Detach from lives that are not your own, and let go of karmic ties that will not heal while you hold onto them.

Ancestral healing

Heal your lineage seven generations behind and seven generations to come by honoring unacknowledged wounding


Integration Sessions

Journaling Prompts


The results

All this work is to help you address the patterns and cycles that continue to show in your life, find the source of this loop, allow us channel the information you need to hear and integrate, and clear the energy throughout your personal and ancestral timelines.

live with more joy, peace, and clarity in your daily life

amplify your sense of authority of your life

rejuvenate and expand your spiritual work and practice

Fundamentally, this will EXPAND your emotional and energetic bodies to allow you to feel SAFE and SECURE to feel your feelings, allow you to HONOR your pain, REMOVE the rot from your energetic foundations, and give you space to HEAL,THRIVE, and SHINE….unencumbered by the weight of the past so you may help others as well —- which is the work you came here to do.

client experience

“If you’re booking a joint session with Julia and Jamie, be prepared for the work! This high level of intense healing and spiritual work will absolutely rock you. We know that healers don’t actually heal us, but facilitate the space for us to do our own healing. These ladies will clear your energetic space and provide divine guidance to get some serious changes started.

It took several days after the session for my energy field to start reacting and feel the shift. Then things got crazy and I was moving around massive energy in my life. The follow-up meeting, which occurred about 2 weeks after the session, was such a nurturing and supportive experience.

They guided me to a new perspective that is allowing me to shine brighter as myself. And they held space for me to validate the shift and ground into it as my new reality.

I am extremely grateful for this experience.”


contact us

This deep work requires you feel safe, supported, and ready to make the investment in yourself.

This 8-week program, with on-going energetic and quantum support, is $1600.

Click below to schedule your initial consultation today.

Jamie Marie

Spiritual Guide and Divine Channel, inspiredby

Jamie is an integrated channel for the angelic realm, gridded to the cosmic consciousness, and the quantum field. Her work is to serve as a multi-dimensional intuitive healer, spiritual guide, and inspirer. She works in tandem with a quantum spirit team as a pure vessel of energy so that high dimensional frequencies, healings and information may become grounded and integrated. She works in balance to bring compassion, clarity, and healing so you walk away feeling activated, inspired, and empowered to embody the frequency of your Highest Self into your life.

Julia Wesley

Spiritual Guide and Teacher, Divine Realignment

Julia Wesley is a teacher and guide who helps people embody their true nature with authenticity and authority. As an Akashic Records reader, a Soul Blueprint Healer, and host of Becoming Divine, her work in the Akash helps people heal their karma, awaken to their divinity, and remember how to live and expand in alignment with who they are.

© 2022 with Julia and Jamie

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